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Farm Naturelle Pure Raw Natural Forest Jungle Flowers Honey



Farm Naturelle Pure Raw Natural Forest Jungle Flowers Honey


100% Pure Raw Natural Bee Honey of Highest quality from the Foot Hills of Himalaya and Pristine Orchards of Uttaranchal Farm Natural Produce presents all Natural products without adding any Chemicals, Artificial Flavour, Sugar or any other additive. 100% Purity guaranteed.

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100% Pure Raw Honey- Unpasteurized, Unprocessed, and Unheated. No added artificial flavour,No added sugars, No additives or colours.
Farm Naturelle – 100% Pure Raw Natural Bee Honey of Orchards of Uttaranchal. It contains all naturally occurring vitamins a whole lot of minerals, amino acids and hundreds of live enzymes to give you in-numerous health benefits which no other super-food can provide.
Farm Naturelle Raw honey help you to build huge immunity, fight cold & cough, digestion issues and seasonal allergies also helps heal cuts, wounds & small burns & helps in managing your weight by enhancing your body metabolism
Farm Naturelle Raw honey helps to maintain joint health, cold, heart health, clear stomach, good immune system, indigestion, flu, longevity, pimples, weight management, skin health, fatique, hearing loss and so on.
Our Raw honey has high tendency to crystallize. Crystallization also shows the purity & raw nature of our Honey. , our honey may freeze/crystallize during winter seasons. If you see it in frozen condition (like Desi Ghee) just put the bottle in hot water to bring it back to its fluid state. Crystallization does not affect Honey quality & you can consume in that state as well
Promise from Farm Naturelle – Should a bottle leak or break during transit we shall replace the same free of cost. However to avoid leakage or breakage, we bottle all honey in Food Grade Virgin PET bottles unless otherwise stated.

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